Beyond the Plate: Meet the RRBITC Chefs


Led by Executive Chef Houman Gohary, RRBITC’s culinary staff specializes in exquisite creations featuring a blend of seasonal ingredients and regional flavors. Drawing from international cuisines and local inspiration, our chefs can create one-of-a-kind menus that accommodate any taste and match any theme. Whether you’re planning a casual lunch, themed coffee break or an elegant formal dinner, our creative cuisine is sure to impress your guests.

Let’s go behind the scenes and meet the talented chefs who lead our culinary team. You'll discover what inspires them, the upcoming trends they’re excited about, key career moments and the experiences that led them to become chefs at RRBITC, plus a few fun and lighthearted anecdotes that let their personalities shine.

Meet our Chefs


With decades of global culinary expertise, Executive Chef Houman Gohary leads RRBITC’s kitchen, infusing it with a rich tapestry of flavors from Osaka to Barcelona. Formerly at The Ritz-Carlton and Vail Resorts, Chef Houman managed culinary operations at the 2002 Winter Olympics, showcasing his diverse skill set. He's graced shows like Beat Bobby Flay and Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels. Raised in Iran and Austria, His culinary journey started with his grandmother, igniting a passion that transitioned him from a physics and chemistry Master’s Degree holder to a celebrated chef. His commitment to mentorship, sustainability, and farm-to-table cuisine has earned him accolades and features in national culinary publications. He continues his community involvement by participating in local events like Best Buddies’ Homecoming Gala, Food & Friends’ Chef’s Best Dinner and Auction and RAMW’s DC ProStart Invitational.

Chef Damian Stewart, is a seasoned culinary professional with over 20 years of industry expertise. Currently, the Executive Sous Chef at RRBITC, he collaborates closely with the executive chef to flawlessly execute catering operations for diverse events, from grand galas to intimate dinners. His leadership shone in his prior role as Sous Chef at RRBITC, where he navigated pandemic challenges with resilience, adapting menus and strategies. With a background as Executive Chef at the U.S. Supreme Court Café and Aria Pizzeria and Bar, he brings a wealth of experience. Starting as a Kitchen Supervisor in 2003, Chef Damian's career at TCMA reflects his unwavering work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication to fostering collaborative kitchen environments. Rooted in his Jamaican upbringing and honed at Johnson and Wales University, he holds both an associate's degree in Culinary Arts and a bachelor’s degree in Food Science.



Chef Kevin Little, is the current Sous Chef at RRBITC. With 16 years of culinary expertise, innovative skills, and seasoned leadership, Chef Kevin consistently elevates his craft. As Chef De Cuisine at Stiltsville Fish Bar in Miami, he pioneered daily specials inspired by local catches. In NYC, he thrived as Chef De Cuisine at Root & Bone, Executive Sous Chef at Red Rooster, and Executive Chef at Bubby’s. From line cook to Executive Sous Chef at Yardbird in Miami, he mastered seasonal menus and kitchen operations. In 2020, he founded Little Pasta & Provisions, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. A dedicated father and culinary artist, his journey began at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, shaping his commitment to leadership, creativity, and culinary innovation.

Chef Tyler Donahue, a seasoned culinary professional, brings over a decade of expertise in pastry and culinary arts. Currently the Pastry Chef at RRB/ITC, he leads the department with finesse, managing scheduling, ordering, menu development, and daily kitchen production. With a creative touch, Chef Tyler crafts bespoke concepts and menu items tailored to a diverse clientele, from board meetings to grand galas. Previously, at Fiola Mare, he served as Pastry Chef, excelling in high-volume, fine-dining settings. Notably, his role with Marriott Hotels in Lexington showcased his ability to manage multiple outlets, contributing to successful property launches. His culinary journey began at Johnson & Wales University, fueled by a childhood passion nurtured in his grandmother's kitchen.


What are some upcoming trends or innovations in the culinary world that you're excited about, and can we expect to see any of these reflected in the upcoming menus at RRBITC?

Chef Houman: I'm particularly excited about the rise of Global Fusion, featuring unique hybrid dishes that emphasize the revival of indigenous cuisines, techniques, and culture. Additionally, we're embracing eco-conscious food, prioritizing sound non-GMO agricultural practices from local growers to cater to health-conscious consumers. While not strictly plant-based, our focus is on wholesome ingredients. These health-conscious practices open doors to a variety of new ingredients and products, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and countries. For instance, we might incorporate different flours, sugars, or grains based on their specific benefits for both body and mind, going beyond mere calorie consumption.

What is your favorite part about working at RRBITC and how does the unique setting influence your approach to creating culinary experiences?

Chef Damian: The highlight of my time at RRBITC is undoubtedly the people, particularly the close-knit community within the food and beverage department. Most of us have been together for 20-plus years! Having worked together for over two decades, we share a deep connection that enhances our collaboration.
The culinary team is empowered to be creative when it comes to designing menus and handpicking the finest ingredients. The distinctive setting at RRBITC serves as a constant source of inspiration, influencing us to create culinary experiences that stand out for our guests.

Can you share a favorite culinary memory or a significant moment in your career that has shaped your approach to cooking?

Chef Kevin: There have been many, but one standout memory that continues to resonate with me occurred during my time as a cook at Sugarcane, the first restaurant I worked at after moving to Miami. I was tasked by Chef Timon to strain a small batch of stock he had been making. The pot was so large (enough to pose a challenge) and I was struggling to hold the strainer and dump the pot simultaneously. I noticed Chef Timon watching me from the expo line, so I asked for his assistance. He graciously stepped in, took the strainer from me, expertly supported the pot, and tilted it with one hand, effortlessly pouring the stock. In that brief 30 seconds, he not only demonstrated his culinary finesse but also imparted a valuable lesson. With a stern yet insightful look, he said, "I'm not always going to be here to hold your hand." From that moment on, I focused on problem-solving and looking at challenges in a more innovative way.

Can you recall a particularly memorable feedback or compliment from a guest that made a lasting impact on you as a chef?

Chef Tyler: There's a memorable experience during a guest's stay at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City. This particular guest had a severe gluten allergy, and I crafted custom breakfast and dessert items for her throughout her visit. The joy she expressed and the connection we formed were truly special. What makes it even more impactful is that she has since become a cherished friend who continues to support and visit me at various establishments where I've worked over the years. She is one of my biggest supporters and encourages the best from me.

If you could prepare a meal for anyone who would it be, and what dish would you choose to showcase your culinary skills and style?

Chef Houman: I would choose to prepare baklava for my grandmother, Nushi. The choice is deeply personal, as I have fond memories of waking up to the enticing aroma of caramelized sugar, cinnamon, rosewater, and toasted pistachios during weekends. I started assisting my grandmother in making Baklava at the age of 6, where my assigned task was to sprinkle pistachios and rose water over the layers. This dessert holds a special place in my heart, and I believe it deserves to be served as the first course rather than the last.

What's your guilty pleasure comfort food, and how do you put your own unique twist on it?

Chef Tyler: My guilty pleasure food is mac n’ cheese. I love to do a kimchee mac and cheese with Korean fried chicken on top!

Chef Damian: My guilty pleasure comfort food is rum and raisin ice cream. I put my own twist on it by adding sliced bananas making it half milkshake, half ice cream.

If your culinary style had a theme song, what would it be and why?

Chef Kevin: I think my theme song has changed a million times, and could even change day to day…but if I had to choose one right now it would be “Reinventing Your Exit” by Underoath. It has its slow, softer parts and has its heavy, chaotic parts but it all makes sense and sounds good together.


Stay tuned as we will soon be unveiling our new catering menus, curated to elevate your dining experience at RRBITC!

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