Celebrating World Trade Month 2024

In today's increasingly interconnected world, the value of global trade cannot be overstated. World Trade Month, observed annually in May in the United States since 1938, honors the pivotal role international trade and commerce play in shaping our economies. It's a month dedicated to celebrating the profound impact of trade on innovation and economic vitality. From fostering innovation to bolstering the economy, international trade opens doors to prosperity for businesses of all sizes, including small and medium enterprises, minority and women-owned ventures, and rural communities.

The World Trade Center Washington, D.C. (WTCDC) is proud to be part of a global ecosystem, connected to over 300 World Trade Centers in 91 countries, as a member of the World Trade Center Association (WTCA). The WTCA is symbol for commerce, community and connection, as the world’s most trusted global brand facilitating international business connections and trade. WTCDC is dedicated to advancing the exchange of American products and services in the global market and creating business opportunities that connect nations and cultures in support of the trade mission of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (RRB/ITC). With its expansive network, locally and globally, WTCDC works diligently to ensure the RRB/ITC offers a rich mix of signature events such as high-profile economic summits, conferences and cultural programs.

Leading up to the month, WTCDC sponsored and participated in two engaging programs with key partners. Firstly, the EXIM Bank held its inaugural Global Business Development Summit in collaboration with the UN Development Programme, EXIM’s Minority and Women-Owned Business division, the Black Idea Coalition, and Qonsultum SBC. This summit facilitated connections among global industry leaders, encouraged dialogue, and enhanced financial accessibility for businesses worldwide. Notable figures like Reta Jo Lewis, President and Chair of EXIM Bank of the United States, along with other prominent leaders, explored topics such as the future of global trade, the diaspora's role in trade promotion, and global cooperation through strategic partnerships.


Additionally, from April 22-24, The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce conducted its 2024 Legislative Summit at RRB/ITC. This event brought together Hispanic business leaders with government and elected officials in a bipartisan effort to influence the country's legislative priorities. Marisa Lago, Under Secretary of the International Trade Administration (ITA), delivered keynote remarks, highlighting ITA's support for businesses in historically underserved communities, including the Hispanic business community. Lago also spoke during the summit's special session, "Building Bridges to Global Markets," underscoring ITA's strategic partnership with the USHCC through the Global Diversity Export Initiative. Read her full remarks here.

Throughout May, engage with us on our social media platforms (@ReaganITCDC) and TCMA for Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center on LinkedIn for insights into trade facts, updates on trade events, and highlights from related programming.

Past Trade Events

Effective diplomacy requires influence and in DC’s international circles, no place says influence like the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. Whether planning an economic summit, trade negotiation or a private diplomatic affair, our WTCDC team can help expand your reach and connect you to resources.